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Foreign Birds

mocramis though i installed IPC::RUN, i still get the Can't locate from perl
Botje it's called IPC::Run, not IPC::RUN
rindolf mocramis: perl is case-sensitive.
mocramis arf ><
Altreus meow
DrForr *chirp*
Su-Shee tschilp in german, btw.
DrForr Could be handy when talking with foreign birds :)
Su-Shee DrForr: absolutely. also: a german dog barks "wau" and a cat meows "miau"
rindolf Su-Shee: German animals are true German patriots.
DrForr No relation to Miaowara Tomokato, I take it.
Su-Shee DrForr: no, although germany and japan of course had some relations ;)
Botje Su-Shee: oh. that explains 'dr waumiau'
Altreus foreign birds speak the same as local birds
Su-Shee Botje: what's that? ;)
Botje Su-Shee: german mash-up artist
Su-Shee Botje: now you know what his names means.
DrForr Altreus: Mine didn't :)
Altreus speaking a foreign language is culturally insensitive
DrForr (she grew up speaking English and Japanese - Her new host family is coping well, all things considered)
Su-Shee DrForr: now I'm confused.. she -> bird, dog, ex-girlfriend, daughter?
DrForr Bird with a multilingual daddy.
Altreus see I was disallowing DrForr the use of 'bird' as 'girl'
Altreus for comic effect
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Tagline What do foreign birds speak?