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Forking LeoNerd

LeoNerd I usually try to avoid the problem by just never taking over anything anyone else has written ;) Though Socket and S-L-U are sortof exceptions there... :/
sproingie i tend to do more forks than maintenance, so i just put my name up at the top, then "based on <original name> by <original author> <original copyright here>"
LeoNerd Except that forks are generally terrible things to do to software
Altreus use threads
* Grinnz_ forks LeoNerd to LeoNerd::Simple
thrig I once fought with your father, during the fork wars
sproingie LeoNerd::Simple::ButMaintained
LeoNerd A fork tends to divide the community of other contributors, weakening the pool of potential improvements on either side
LeoNerd It's a sortof last-ditch attempt
Su-Shee who would ever ditch LeoNerd.. ;)
* LeoNerd hopes nobody suggests LeoNerd::Tiny
sproingie the stuff i fork tends to be fairly obscure anyway
* rindolf suggests LeoNerd::Minuscule
alpha- Leo::Nerd
sproingie cPanel::LeoNerd
thrig LeoNerd::MaybeXS
cfedde some times it would be nice to have a simple CLI for LeoNerd.
maukem CGI::LeoNerd
rindolf Devel::REPL::LeoNerd
maukem LeoNerd6
Altreus LeoNerd: why, are you getting bloated?
Altreus feature reep
Altreus c
Altreus Feature: creep
Su-Shee I would fall off my chair of laughter just now if I wouldn't sit on a futon...
LeoNerd Altreus: No, I just don't see why I need to be able to be installed on a no-deps core-only setup :)
Altreus Aren't you core?
sproingie use feature 'creep';
Altreus #perl without LeoNerd in it is not a complete installation
Su-Shee so true. :)
LeoNerd I still wonder if I should have taken the CPAN name 'LEONERD' instead
Altreus oh I just asked the previous maintainer for someone's address and then found it earlier in the pod -_-
Altreus LeoNerd: we all have regrets
Altreus LeoNerd: why not both dot jpg
sproingie egrets, i've had a few
Su-Shee LeoNerd: who on earth - other than your parents - knows you're pevans?!
Altreus I feel reasonably unique in having my nick on cpan
LeoNerd Su-Shee: wellll... the prevailing theme on PAUSE does seem to be initial lastname
LeoNerd So I just went with that
Channel #perl
Network Freenode