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Geek love on Freenode's #perl

rindolf rbastic: QBasic was the sh*t!
rindolf rbastic: well, not really.
rbastic rindolf: yup, that language is responsible for me having gotten into programming to begin with.
rbastic 8 yrs old and writing qbasic scripts with QBasic for Dummies by my side
rindolf rbastic: I started when I was 10.
rindolf rbastic: I know some people who started much later.
talexb Late bloomer .. didn't start till I was 15.
Zoffix heh, I started at 14... I could not have a computer before that
rindolf rbastic: but I know a girl who started programming when she was 6.
rindolf Or was it 8?
Zoffix rindolf, CAN HAS PHONE NUMBER?!
rbastic lol
rindolf Zoffix: NO CAN!
Zoffix :(
rindolf Zoffix: only have her MSN.
Zoffix gimmegimmegimme
talexb Heh.
Zoffix :)
rindolf Zoffix: LOL.
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