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Geeky "Your Momma's So Fat" Jokes

LeoNerd defc0n-: Make sure to use a nice tight knot, so your joined thread doesn't fall apart
Somni thread jokes, how droll
* LeoNerd grins "I have a whole stack of them waiting here.."
defc0n- C jokes are worse, a la if (malloc(sizeof(yourmom_t)) == NULL) printf("error: mom too fat\n");
idiotben joke? hell thats good logic! =P Your
idiotben Your momma so fat, the bitch needs PAE to fit in memory w/o using up swap
idiotben yo momma so fat, your dad has to run RHEL4's "hugemem" kernel
idiotben your mom is sooooo fat! everyone she comes in contact with has a buffer overflow!
LeoNerd … she needs 64k cluster size?
LeoNerd (going for a combined fat/FAT joke there)
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Network Freenode
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