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Getting rich easily on Freenode's #perl.

talexb Wow, I've won 4M pounds sterling, and all I have to do is contact someone in Zambia for more information. What could possibly go wrong?
rindolf talexb: heh.
jagerman Wait, I thought *I* won that.
talexb rindolf, Can't believe people still fall for that line ..
fwiles damn, wish I would win something… I just seem to be pre-approved for about $13 billion worth of home loans
talexb Oops, sorry jagerman .. I'm already faxing this lady my Power of Attorney!!!
talexb fwiiles, Oh, that'll buy you a nice semi in Toronto.
jagerman talexb: Oh, I'm way ahead of you then. I'm flying there to meet with "government officials."
jagerman I'm paying for it myself, of course, since I'll be rich once they transfer the money to me.
talexb jagerman, Rats! Hey, I know a couple of lawyers if you need 'em .. very trustworthy, share some office space with some barbers.
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