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Getting to Mongolia

DrForr Yep, build one to throw it away, then never build the second one :)
Altreus pancake algorithm
Su-Shee hihi.. mongolia has an ACTUAL annual yak shaving contest.. we should all attend. :)
Altreus How will we get there
Altreus huh
DrForr # Yak Shaving in America.
Altreus Maddingue: I vote boat
Su-Shee Altreus: also, transsiberian railway.
Altreus options
Su-Shee Maddingue: god a Chinggis Khan Airport.. amazing :)
Su-Shee Altreus: only 10 days or so from berlin..
DrForr By pack train, of course.
Altreus how far by foot?
DrForr KHAAAAAAaaaaaaaaan!(s.)
DrForr Doesn't have quite the ring of JOHN HARRRRIISSSOOOOOOOOoooon... though. But what wouldn.
DrForr Huh? No. Just trying to figure out what form of conveyance would take 10 days to get from Berlin to whatever the capital of Mongolia is.
Su-Shee Altreus: tell me what water you would put the boat in between berlin and mongolia.. ;)
DrForr Ulan Bator.
Maddingue also, Mongolia is landlocked between Russia and China
Su-Shee DrForr: trans-siberian railway, it's actually quite cheap. :) but it _really_ takes roughly 10 days.
DrForr Oh, right, it's on *that* side.
DrForr yeah, that makes sense.
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