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Good scalar localtime()

rindolf Good localtime(), #perl!
sproingie rindolf: good scalar localtime to you
rindolf sproingie: oooh! scalar context.
sproingie well i didn't want to make ya parse it
rindolf sproingie: it is implied however.
sproingie (er unparse it)
rindolf Good strftime($format, localtime()).
rindolf But better use DateTime.
rindolf Or something.
icke sub good ($$$) { ... }
rindolf icke: yes.
rindolf eval: good localtime(), #perl!
buubot3 rindolf: ERROR: syntax error at (eval 21) line 1, near "good localtime"
Altreus eval: 'hi rindolf how is your '.scalar localtime.'?'
buubot3 Altreus: hi rindolf how is your Tue Mar 10 15:43:13 2009?
rindolf Altreus: how is my Tuesday, 10-March-2009?
rindolf Altreus: or do you mean down right to that exact second.
Altreus rindolf: I gave you as much information as I could for you to use as you see fit.
Altreus If you don't need it all you can just take the date
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