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The Grand Unified Programming Language

rbastic Juerd: eh in today's world of heavy JS on the clientside, i think it makes a little more sense to use the same lang. everywhere
Juerd rbastic: JS on the client side is because often it's the only option the universe provides.
rbastic Juerd: from a business perspective, you reduce the complexity and potential difficulties in finding new hires with the same skillset
rindolf rbastic: have you heard of RJS?
Juerd rbastic: On the server side, however, you have great freedom.
rbastic rindolf: no, what's that?
Caelum larry wants perl6 to run on javascript :)
rindolf rbastic: "One Language; and One Sayings".
Juerd rbastic: Exactly. I would never hire a server side programmer who knows *only* Javascript, and is too stupid to learn whatever we're using on the server side.
rindolf rbastic: my translation to a sentence from the Tower of Babel myth.
rbastic Juerd: i'll agree with that also. any real programmer knows or has at least coded in half a dozen languages before
Juerd From a business perspective, you should avoid crap coders at all cost.
Juerd Knows *or* has coded... Hmmm...!
rindolf rbastic: though according to what most scholars believe it was not about using one language but rather thinking the same.
Juerd I hope they haven't coded in half a dozen languages without knowing them.
Juerd That'd be scary.
zshzn Reality is scary, Juerd
talexb Hmm, BASIC, FORTRAN, COBOL, assembler, C, more assembler, C, Pascal ... Perl!
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