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How big is Yaakov’s GREAT HUGE LOVE

rindolf Yaakov: how is your GREAT HUGE LOVE doing today?
Yaakov rindolf: It's doing very well. Thanks for inquiring.
rindolf Yaakov: you're welcome.
rindolf Yaakov: is you GREAT HUGE LOVE bigger than Jupiter?
tybalt89 rindolf: it's greater than one universe, but not greater than two
rindolf tybalt89: ah.
Yaakov rindolf: The magnitude of my love is not a spatial one. It premates all timespace, so there is no spatial measurement that can be made. Comparing it to the extension of any object is meaningless.
huf hmm, "premate"
huf interesting new word
rindolf tybalt89: “There are only two infinite things: the universe and Yaakov’s GREAT HUGE LOVE.”
tybalt89 "premates" ? is that like courtship ?
Botje and we're not entirely sure about the universe!
rindolf Isn't it permeates?
rindolf Botje: yes.
huf no, premate is obviously not permeate
huf they differ on the second letter, dude.
Yaakov That's what what you call a "tpo".
rindolf perlbot: define premate
perlbot rindolf: Whups, no definition for you
taotetek premeditate?
huf Yaakov: i prefer to think of it as you finding a new gem in the word mines
tybalt89 rindolf: classically the third infinite thing is "human stupidity"
Yaakov The problem with routinely using obscure words is that when I make a typo I slashdot
rindolf tybalt89: human stupidity has become finite thanks to Yaakov's GREAT HUGE LOVE.
tybalt89 rindolf: No. Love does not trump stupidity.
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