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How Chuck Norris learnt Perl

dyre17 Are there any videos to supplement ?
rindolf dyre17: szabgab has released some.
ology There are a number of perl topics on slideshare
thrig dyre17:
pink_mist if you search for 'yapc' on youtube, you'll find loads of perl talks; not all of them are introductory though.
rindolf dyre17: I also created .
tipdbmp dyre17, you could check the videos from some YAPC conferences:
Soltis I still don't understand why perldoc isn't enough to learn perl
Soltis But I've also accepted that it apparently isn't for most people.
hekmek with prior coding experience it is
hekmek otherwise probably not :O)
pink_mist different people learn differently too
thrig "Mark Hamill reads perldocs" (video: someone paging through the perldocs)
sproingie i could listen to John Noble read the perldocs
pink_mist heh
rindolf thrig: Chuck Norris has the whole perldocs memorised.
pink_mist sproingie: that the dad from fringe?
BinGOs Mark Hamill playing the Joker reading perldocs
Soltis hekmek: My prior experience was TCPL 2nd ed.
sproingie pink_mist: and the horseman of war in sleepy hollow, yep
Soltis rindolf: Chuck Norris learned perl by scrutinizing the surface of a magnetic platter holding a copy of the perl binary.
rindolf Soltis: heh.
hekmek I'd always suggest reading books on computer science and then some official doc on whatever language you wanna learn
ology Then he round house kicked Guido
rindolf Soltis: Chuck Norris was born knowing Perl.
rindolf Before it was created.
Soltis rindolf: No, that was Gauss
pink_mist Soltis: don't you mean Summer Glau?
Soltis pink_mist: No, she's fictional.
Soltis pink_mist: Summer Glau is a figment of Chuck Norris's imagination.
rindolf Soltis: she is not.
rindolf Soltis: for all you know, you may not exist, and Chuck Norris convinced you that you do.
Soltis rindolf: No, I'm a brain in a jar somewhere.
rindolf Soltis: Chuck Norris knows where that jar is. ;-)
Soltis rindolf: I just come to #perl when they push LSD into my nutrient bath.
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