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How to name a new Flickr-module

jfroebe trying to come up with a replacement name for my Flickr::Simple2.. (it is based off of XML::Simple rather than XML::Parser::Lite::Tree) - Net::Flickr, Flickr::API, Flickr::Simple are already taken. Any ideas? I'm coming up blank for a name
jfroebe It is a Perl interface to Flickr
mofino wait
rindolf jfroebe: ah, I saw your message on
rindolf jfroebe: maybe WWW::Flickr
mofino you found others and decided you needed to make ANOTHER perl interface to flickr?
jfroebe the other ones have been broken for a long time (either because of use of the abandoned XML::Parser::Lite::Tree module or because the authentication method was never correctly implemented)
buu jfroebe: Please no more names involving ::Simple
rindolf buu: ::Tiny
jfroebe WWW::Flickr is a good possibility
buu Thanks rindolf.
mofino hah tiny is the new simple
rindolf ::Minimal.
buu ::SeriouslyfuckingSmall
rindolf ::NotEnough
rindolf ::GargantuanlySmall
rindolf ::Minuscule
apeiron ::Warning::Uses::XML::Simple::And::Thus::Has:: Terrible::Performance::And::Memory::Usage
Fah ::Deficient
mofino stay in the Flickr:: space
rindolf apeiron++
mofino if there already is one
jfroebe mofino.. that's the problem what to name it
nadim ::Nano
nadim that should be small enough and it sounds serious
mofino jfroebe, something in Flickr:: ;)
rindolf ::Femto
jfroebe lol - understood
mofino jfroebe, ::Improved ::Modern ::Lite ::Tiny ::FUCKYEAH
rindolf jfroebe: a Rose by any other name...
mofino IS A DUCK
rindolf I think half the posts to module-authors are about "How shall I name this module?"
mofino haha
ik I use perlmonks for that ^_^
rindolf jfroebe: I'm not a fan of XML::Simple either.
mofino XML::Simple is teh awesome
ik 1;
ik XML::Simple is teh sux
mofino whatever
ik "this could be an arrayref or a hashref or a nothingref depending on how many thingies were in your doo-dad"
mofino force it
ik yes
mofino but yeah, that is a bit annoying
rindolf ik++ - my thoughts exactly.
apeiron XML::Simple is the MySQL of XML parsers.
mofino haha
mofino ahh mysql, DOOOMED
rindolf Haha # apeiron++
kent\n lol @ > apeiron
drforr There's a reason it's called "Simple." You'll find out about 3 days after you start using it.
kent\n would it be anything releated to being feature-incomplete
drforr That would be be why it's "simple".
jfroebe but for simple XML data (i.e. Flickr's REST API), it is more than sufficient
kent\n define "simple" XML
kent\n $xml = '<' # already too complex
jfroebe kent - lol
jfroebe :)
jfroebe thoughts on Flickr::YA::API ?
jfroebe for a name
mofino jfroebe, YA?
jfroebe yet another
mofino ...
mofino just pick a name
mofino Flickr::API
mofino oh, nevermind
jfroebe mofino - now you see.. all the good ones are taken ;-)
mofino maybe you had it at Flickr::Simple2
kent\n Flickr::API:: something
kent\n or something
mofino kent\n, namespace already in use
rindolf Flickr::Two
mofino jfroebe, since your API is an improvement over Simple
nadim mst: lol
kent\n Flickr::API::SucksLess
rindolf jfroebe: you can call it Flickr::Jfroebey
jfroebe mofino, I think you might be right.
kent\n Flicker::API::FAFINAFA
jfroebe rindolf - lol ... my head is already big enough lol
mofino jfroebe, i mean, if that's what it is, it shows a clear progression from Simple
kent\n ( Flicker::API::FAFINAFA is not a flickr api )
nadim Flicker::rekcilF
rindolf jfroebe: I have released Spork::Shlomify with some random changes to Spork that I needed.
rindolf Well, I use subclassing to implement them.
jfroebe lmao
apeiron You forked that spork!
rindolf apeiron: it's not a fork! It's an improved spork!
rindolf Flickr::Bettr
kent\n Flickr::Strobe
kent\n ( its a bit brighter )
kent\n Flickr::OnAndOff
nadim Flickr::FullBeam
nadim Flickr::FullLights
kent\n Flickr::2009
mofino Flickr::Meat
kent\n that way somebody will be able to invent something better next year
kent\n and call it Flickr::2010
mofino Flickr::rkcilF
mofino Flickr::Barbie::Edition
mofino Flickr::Nuts
nadim Flickr::3b0f3a25d07e5d9dbdf98db15ee70410 (and no, it is not random)
mofino Flickr::911wasaninsidejob
nadim hehe
mofino haha
jfroebe thanks guys :) I've requested the Flickr::Simple2 namespace via pause
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