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Hurting People

rindolf pKrumins
pkrumins BYY
rindolf pkrumins: BUU
rindolf pkrumins: buu is back.
pkrumins rindolf: i know
rindolf pkrumins: he said he was close to disappearing.
pkrumins WHAT
pkrumins buu, is that true
rindolf pkrumins: he was sick.
pkrumins HE WASNT
buu =[
buu I was
pkrumins HOW
buu Genetic defects!
pkrumins OH NO
pkrumins OH NO NO NO
mauke substance abuuse
buu Owch
buu That joke almost qualifies as abuse
mauke now that I've hurt mst and buu, my work for today is done
pkrumins you still haven’t hurt me
rindolf mauke: hold on! You haven't hurt me yet.
buu haha
* rindolf is hurt that mauke didn't hurt him.
rindolf Oh wait.
mauke just as keikaku.
rindolf mauke: OK, now your work for today is done.
pkrumins NO
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Tagline Are you being hurt?