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Identically named variables

WeThePeople do % define the @ ?
WeThePeople huf, do hashes define the array
rindolf WeThePeople: %foo and @foo are completely different.
rindolf WeThePeople: note that @foo{@slice_by_me} is part of %foo
wlan % - hash yet
wlan @ array
rindolf WeThePeople: I'm now working on refactoring the perl debugger, which uses many identical names for $, @, and % variables - how irritating.
rindolf And in part these are package-scope variables so they are part of the interface and I cannot change them.
WeThePeople rindolf, so you are refactoring to use $@% only ??
rindolf WeThePeople: no.
rindolf WeThePeople: I mean I have something like $sub , @sub and %sub - all at once.
rindolf WeThePeople: and I dislike it.
rindolf Well, there was also a "sub sub { ... }" (oh the humanity).
cfedde add &sub and sub sub {...}
cfedde hheh
cfedde I'm too slow.
rindolf cfedde: we still love you. :-)
huf oh the possibilities, $sub[$sub], @sub{@sub}, ....
wlan sub sub { &sub }
* rindolf hugs cfedde
cfedde rindolf: me too.
Yaakov &$$sub
rindolf huf: heh.
rindolf sub-par.
cfedde here we find ourselves well on the way to another Acme:: module
rindolf cfedde: heh.
rindolf cfedde: this time it's part of the perl core.
cfedde No just mix in all the case permutations and we've got a winner.
rindolf cfedde: there's a limit to how much I can refactor the debugger without breaking the "external" API.
apeiron sub sandwich;
rindolf cfedde: when I started with it, it was truly vile code.
Yaakov use sub_localize qw/grinder hoagie poboy hero/;
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