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Information Overload

* GumbyPAN CPAN Upload: Tinkerforge-2.0.1 by ISHRAQ
rindolf - WTF is tinkerforge? :-(
Botje who knows
Altreus mr google
rindolf Ah, I think I understand.
EmbargEr pink_mist: damn, it took 10 minutes to find out who and why sent me this "tinkerforge" link. I looked through all my jabber, icq and skype conversation and found nothing!
pink_mist EmbargEr: heh :P blame rindolf :P
EmbargEr I blame my brain
Altreus EmbargEr: that's the danger of just clicking things
EmbargEr Altreus: exactly
rindolf EmbargEr: maybe you're suffering (like me) from information overload.
rindolf EmbargEr: which according to the author of Ecclesiastes (~300 BC) complained about as well.
rindolf “There's nothing new under the sun.”
EmbargEr well...
pink_mist argh, MORE INFORMATION! thanks rindolf :P
rindolf pink_mist: it's information about information overload.
rindolf pink_mist: meta-information overload.
pink_mist :P
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