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Jobs, Emma Watson, Saladin & Knights Templar

johndoemer what is the best way to find a nice job doing perl in los angeles?
rindolf johndoemer:
rindolf johndoemer: there's also the LA Perl mongers.
rindolf johndoemer: and a jobs mailing list.
johndoemer I never did a mailing list since in like 95 when I got 500 emails in 1 day from one
johndoemer are they safe?
rindolf johndoemer: note that I'm trying not to be picky about which jobs I get - ?
rindolf johndoemer: what do you mean by "safe"?
preaction johndoemer: you can set up filters. also, the pm lists are usually pretty low-volume
rindolf johndoemer: what is the worst thing you suspect will happen?
johndoemer I guess I never learned how to use a mailing list
johndoemer so I sign up and how do I read it without getting 500 emails a day?
preaction look at the archives to see how many e-mails get sent per day
johndoemer I dunno I just gota escape this unix admin job stuff im doing
rindolf johndoemer: put it in a separate folder.
johndoemer just the interviews driving me batty
johndoemer fuck ansible and chef
rindolf What is ansible?
rindolf Is it a Ruby thing?
johndoemer emma watson is butt
johndoemer liek a 3
johndoemer short with no boobs
rindolf johndoemer: butt?
johndoemer crappy hair
johndoemer looks liek a dude
rindolf johndoemer: :-(.
johndoemer zomg some brits think shes hottes twoman in film?
johndoemer oh my gods!!
johndoemer butt ugly
johndoemer fake teeth and a lack of implples doesnt mean your pretty
johndoemer caveman brow
johndoemer short with no tits or ass
johndoemer zomg
preaction i'm fairly certain that this is not on-topic for #perl
Grinnz lol
rindolf johndoemer: maybe you should change your attitude. After I reached enought enlightenment, I find the vast majority of women attractive enough.
johndoemer holy crap did they make 8 harry potter films?
rindolf johndoemer: but preaction is right.
rindolf johndoemer: yes.
preaction 7 books, +1 last split in two
johndoemer the first was one of worst movies ever and glorification of government school elitism over capitalism is gross garbage
johndoemer did harry ever even pork her?
rindolf johndoemer: pork?
preaction i'm not sure how that tracks, but this is still not a #perl topic
johndoemer I thought uk was protestant and all the girls got the pill at 15 and its was fun fun fun
johndoemer fuck
Grinnz so anyway
rindolf johndoemer: you have a strange jargon.
johndoemer anna nicole smith si hot
johndoemer vanessa montagne
johndoemer sarenna lee
johndoemer pamela anderson
flight18 wow
johndoemer not emma watson
rindolf johndoemer: and I hope you don't have this attitude IRL.
johndoemer jeesh
johndoemer for 20 years
preaction i wish he didn't have it here, either
johndoemer ok
rindolf johndoemer: please stop.
johndoemer I will say this
johndoemer rover is < than mad max
johndoemer bad movie
johndoemer ok
johndoemer so why is mojo better than dancer?
rindolf johndoemer: some people may disagree that it is.
rindolf perlbot: mojo
perlbot rindolf: Perl
flight18 johndoemer, what did you think of her performance in The Bling Ring?
rindolf perlbot: mojolicious
perlbot rindolf: No factoid found. Did you mean one of these: [makealias] [mkalias]
Grinnz ol
Grinnz that wasn't very helpful perlbot
johndoemer I wonder how they pay for expert in perl and SQL, 180K?
rindolf johndoemer: 180KUSD/year?
johndoemer us $
johndoemer I mean an expert in perl must make 125k minimum
johndoemer add that database wizardrdy
johndoemer SQL
johndoemer etc
Grinnz ahaha
johndoemer must bump it up no?
johndoemer hell I was making 80/h doing linux
johndoemer but this whole chef thing got outa hand
rindolf johndoemer: most Perl people know SQL to some extent.
johndoemer I think some java idiots decided lets automate away sysadmins so they wont tell us we are morons
johndoemer I know sql
johndoemer but what version of "expert" I am I dont know
rindolf johndoemer: you may wish to read
johndoemer has everything got to be javacscript now? I hate javascrpt websites with hot red passion
flight18 After Harry and Ron save her from a mountain troll in the girls' toilets, she becomes close friends with them and often uses her quick wit, deft recall, and encyclopaedic knowledge to help them.
johndoemer slaad style? like th ebig lizard men from fiend folio?
rindolf johndoemer: I use NoScript.
rindolf flight18: what?
rindolf johndoemer: Saladin style.
flight18 Pretty amazing, huh?
johndoemer whos that?
rindolf johndoemer: Saladin was « Ṣalāḥ ad-Dīn Yūsuf ibn Ayyūb (Arabic: صلاح الدين يوسف بن أيوب‎; Kurdish: سه‌لاحه‌دین ئه‌یوبی , Selahedînê Eyûbî) (1137/1138 – March 4, 1193), better known in the Western world as Saladin was a Muslim Sultan who liberated most of Palestine from the rule of the Knights Templar and the Christian crusaders,»
johndoemer paladin? like a holy warrior?
rindolf johndoemer: the first true Hacker Monarch/Warrior Monarch.
Grinnz sounds like a guy that should have been in assassin's creed 1 :)
Grinnz ah, he was
johndoemer I want a movie whwereknights templar kill a lot of bad guys
johndoemer thats be awesome
rindolf Grinnz: heh.
johndoemer knights of the round table!
johndoemer yeah!
rindolf johndoemer: King Arthur predates the knights templar.
rindolf johndoemer: there were quite a few films about Saladin.
Grinnz johndoemer, except in assassin's creed, the knights templar are the bad guys ;)
johndoemer why bad?
johndoemer didnt they guard the galazxy against evil for athousdan generations?
johndoemer using the force?
rindolf The Legend of Robin Hood is generally set in the time of Richard I/Saladin, but the earliest british records predate that.
rindolf johndoemer: heh.
Grinnz johndoemer, because they want to control the world, etc
johndoemer awesome
johndoemer same as the brits did briefly eh
rindolf Grinnz: well, the Knights Templar started as paranoid, murderous and violent and mostly mentally ill.
johndoemer menatlly ill?
johndoemer hah
johndoemer smart sounds like to me
johndoemer had multinatinoal mob
johndoemer i bet they hid lots of hot women in thier holds
johndoemer n a[prtied
johndoemer sign me up
Grinnz do you by chance have any foreign substances in your bloodstream?
johndoemer unix adminning is pissing me off
rindolf Grinnz: and after Saladin was throught with them, they were happy, noble, peaceful mostly sane, and unwilling to fight him.
johndoemer nop
johndoemer just pissed at bad unix admin job interviews gone bad
johndoemer and outa work
johndoemer not sure what to do
preaction get your skills up-to-date with the new orchestration technologies?
flight18 johndoemer, why are you here?
johndoemer for fun
johndoemer u?
johndoemer I kinda dont believe in cronfig maangemtn orchestraaation
preaction this is a Perl support channel. the Perl chat channel is on
johndoemer I believe in client server computing
johndoemer and concurrency at language level, name based virtual hosts
johndoemer etc
Grinnz there are people who don't believe in name based virtual hosts?
preaction how is any of that against configuration management?
johndoemer well why have 10 urls on 10 vms mate, if u can have 10 on 2 servers, with name based virtual hosts eh?
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preaction i don't like setting up boxes over and over and over again. i like getting a config right and then copying it to dozens or hundreds of machines, as i'm sure most admins also like
preaction but then, i like the idea of, where i can run adhoc scripts on multiple machines on the command line. from what i saw, ansible and chef don't allow that
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