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Jokes about Particle Physics on Freenode's #perl

Teratogen Two atoms are walking down the street when one of them says "I think I've lost an electron." The second one says "are you sure?", to which the first one replies "Yes, I'm positive".
mpeg4codec So officer Schroedinger pulls over this quantum particle and he says ``Do you know how fast you were going?''
mpeg4codec the particle says, ``No, but I know exactly where I am.''
Teratogen everybody has heard of Schroedinger's cat experiment
Teratogen but very few people know that Schroedinger hated cats
Teratogen with a passion
Teratogen and actually experimented on them
Teratogen he even owned a set of cat-fur gloves
Teratogen cats mysteriously disappeared around Schroedinger's laboratory
Teratogen and there was no Chinese restaurant close by to explain the disappearances
mpeg4codec Schroedinger's cat: wanted dead AND alive
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