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Jumping Off a Bridge

PerlJam m4rcu5: you need a newer perl to use the /r modifier to tr///
mauke also, why are you reading 5.14's perlop?
apeiron "because that's what I found online"
m4rcu5 mauke: too old? i tought that de default install of gentoo came shiped with a bit more up2date version of perl :P
apeiron snrk
m4rcu5 mauke: because thats what perldoc.perl.org served me ;-)
mauke and why are you going to perldoc.perl.org?
alnewkirk if perldoc told you to jump off of a bridge, would you?
rindolf alnewkirk: if Chuck Norris told me to do that, I would.
PerlJam rindolf: Chuck Norris wouldn't tell you … he'd just round-house kick you off of the bridge.
rindolf PerlJam: heh.
rindolf PerlJam: what if he's nowhere near the bridge?
alnewkirk rindolf: chuck norris is everywhere yet nowhere in particular
alnewkirk … like the wind
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Tagline I’ll jump off the bridge when I get there.