Hear me roar, Katy Perry, and idiots vs. geniuses - Fortune

Hear me roar, Katy Perry, and idiots vs. geniuses

Altreus meow
rindolf Altreus: meow.
rindolf Altreus: sup?
Altreus rindolf: -_-
rpag woof
rindolf rpag: roar!
rpag ive brought out the bear
rindolf rpag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CevxZvSJLk8 - you're gonna hear me roar!
Altreus rpag: you were supposed to bring the /beer/
Altreus ._.
rpag rindolf, o dear i cant listen to that, reminds me of my recent ex-gf
rpag Altreus, :)
rindolf rpag: heh, what was wrong with her?
rpag nothing, she just listened to katy perry all the time
rindolf rpag: ah, I see.
rindolf rpag: why did you break up?
Altreus oh I thought maybe she roared a lot
rpag haha
Altreus rindolf: duh, because she liked katy perry a lot
rpag she did, sometimes :)
rindolf Altreus: heh.
rindolf Altreus++
rpag rindolf, because i'm an idiot :P
rindolf rpag: ah.
rindolf rpag: you're an idiot who writes Perl?
rindolf Only geniuses can write Perl.
spb no, any idiot can write perl
spb only geniuses can read it
rindolf spb: heh.
jkg only geniuses can read perl written by an idiot
rpag i haven't written perl, or any language, in a while, writers block or something
Altreus rpag: not even English?
rpag :P
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