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rindolf thrig: why are you using qx... in void-context? You should use system.
thrig because it's a quick example and I'm lazy
rindolf thrig: laziness!
rindolf thrig: laziness will be the fall of mankind but I cannot be arsed to do anything about it.
mst I tried, but last week's meeting of the apathy society was cancelled due to lack of interest
thrig ~~ Mr. Wiggles-san!
apeiron apathy society? couldn't care less myself.
thrig the Something or the Other re. Pirates Act
LeoNerd "What do you think are the major causes of ignorance and apathy in today's voting public?" "Hrm.. don't know. Don't care, really.."
Invis :D
thrig back in the day, one would get smited for lazing the day away watching Aramaic Idol
rindolf thrig: when I was younger, I watched Sumerian Idol.
thrig it's in estivation now, I hear
cfedde rindolf: gilgamesh was such a bastard on that show.
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