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The Love Life of Cats

Anon today my kitty gave a birth to two kitties!
rindolf Anon: ah, nice.
Anon one of them died :(
Anon during birth
rindolf Anon: oh. :-(
simcop2387 Anon: were you expecting it to happen?
simcop2387 :(
Anon simcop2387, i was expecting this week
rindolf Anon: do you know who the father is?
simcop2387 ah
Anon rindolf, some cat
simcop2387 rindolf: hopefully not him
Anon rindolf, remember my kitty ran away
rindolf Anon: ah.
Anon for a week
rindolf Anon: no I don't remember that.
Anon well, she ran away for a week
rindolf Anon: ah.
Anon and came back
Anon and during that time she got pregnant.
rindolf Anon: ah.
freehaha they don't seem to have safe sex
rindolf Anon: she eloped.
simcop2387 Anon: sounds like she had fun
Anon simcop2387, sounds like that :)
simcop2387 Anon: you should have the talk with her about birth control then (i wonder do they even make birth control for kitties)
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