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Manipulating People Using Perl

Khisanth <insert obligatory disclaimer about parsing HTML with regex>
Botje Khisanth =~ s/disclaimer/death threat/
Khisanth I can live with that
Botje ooh, i got write access on Khisanth
Botje Khisanth =~ s/must sleep/must give Botje all my money/
Botje and now we play the waiting game … >:)
afallenhope Botje, write&
Botje yeah
* Khisanth gives all of Botje's money to himself
Botje Khisanth: that's not supposed to happen!
* Botje resets the universe
Khisanth buggy code
snegtul no such thing Khisanth! =)
snegtul the bugs are a lie!
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Manipulating People with Perl