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Complex Math

Teratogen eval: 1+1
perlbot Teratogen: 2
Teratogen it works!
Teratogen eval: e**(pi*i)
perlbot Teratogen: 1
Teratogen oh dear =(
vreg eval: 1/0
perlbot vreg: ERROR: Illegal division by zero at (eval 1702) line 1.
Teratogen eval: sqrt(-1)
perlbot Teratogen: ERROR: Can't take sqrt of -1 at (eval 1702) line 1.
Teratogen what the
vreg eval: use Math::Complex; sqrt(-1)
perlbot vreg: ERROR: Can't locate Math/ in @INC (@INC contains:) at (eval 1702) line 1. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 1702) line 1.
LeoNerd Math::Complex? Why not Math::Simple?
rindolf LeoNerd: heh.
rindolf Simple Numbers.
rindolf Math::Tiny
rindolf Math::Tiny::ButMaintained
LeoNerd Hehe.. Math::Tiny. Only copes with the range [0,1)
rindolf LeoNerd: sounds more like fuzzy logic.
rindolf LeoNerd: this [0,1) thing reminds me of this joke of mine -
LeoNerd Hehe
rindolf Math::Jewish.
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