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Monkey Business at Freenode's #perl

perlmonkey thats just...mental
rindolf perlmonkey2: still here?
perlmonkey2 rindolf: hi
rindolf perlmonkey2: hi.
perlmonkey phew
rindolf perlmonkey2: now we have two Perl monkeys.
perlmonkey2 hah
perlmonkey2 good stuff
perlmonkey2 You can never have too many.
PeaceNLove To produce good stuff like Shakespeare's works, we need an infinite number of monkeys
perlmonkey we're starting a monkey clan
rindolf PeaceNLove: heh.
rindolf PeaceNLove: and to write like a monkey we need a million Shakespeares.
PeaceNLove perlmonkey, reproduce and multiply, God be with you
perlmonkey2 PeaceNLove: You can, of course, do anything with an infinite number of perl monkeys.
perlmonkey2 PeaceNLove: Actually a million monkeys on a million typewriters would most probably have not created Hamlet if they started at the beginning of the Universe.
PeaceNLove perlmonkey2, that's fine, the Universe has not ended yet, they have time
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