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Perl’s Moose and its Roles

rindolf perlbot: revert 5449
perlbot rindolf: Reverted soap to revision 5449
rindolf perlbot: good perlbot
perlbot rindolf: <purrrrrrr /> <woof /> <tail-wag />
* fizztpok wonders how many people list ``perlbot'' as a language on their CVs.
rindolf perlbot: help mkalias
perlbot rindolf: Sorry, no plugin named mkalias found.
pdl wait, it purrs AND woofs?
rindolf pdl: mixed message.
rindolf pdl: the purring is as a cat.
pdl rindolf: Maybe it's neither dog nor cat but Moose and just implements purring, woofing and tailwagging via roles?
rindolf pdl: heh.
rindolf I didn't know Meese were actors.
rindolf How many roles does a Moose play?
fizztpok 502 results for "Moose Role" on CPAN.
rindolf genio: nice.
rindolf fizztpok: wow! That Moose must be the world's most prolific actor. Which is especially impressive given the fact that he's not human.
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Tagline How many roles must a one Moose play…