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MS Comic Chat on Windows 8

Yaakov WARNING: MS Comic Chat runs swimmingly under Windows 8.
rindolf Yaakov: heh.
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rindolf Yaakov: ah, comic chat.
Yaakov I like Windows 8.1 as much as I have ever liked Windows. I don't want ot use it, but...
rindolf Yaakov: is it still maintained?
Yaakov It is abandonware but you can get it.
thrig odd, I found Windows 8 about the first usable version
Yaakov I just tested it, and it works like a champ.
rindolf I thought you meant MS Comics Sans.
rindolf Yaakov: how are you? How's the wife and kids too?
Yaakov thrig: Windows 3.11, Windows NT, Windows 95 C, Windows XP SP1, Windows 8.1 is my list.
Yaakov rindolf: Well, well. Thanks.
Yaakov Also, Windows Phone 8.1
Yaakov But, I am not a Windows user any more.
spookah i can't stand 8.1 =\
rindolf Yaakov: did you donate some of your patented GREAT HUGE LOVE™ for needy people recently? ;-)
Yaakov Though I have machines that run it, and a Windows 8.1 phone.
Yaakov I haven't declaimed it in this channel. But it must be spontaneous to be real, so it will have to wait until it happens "by itseI LOVE YOU ALL WITH A GREAT HUGE LOVE
Yaakov Oh. There.
rindolf Yaakov: :-)
rindolf Spread the LOVE!
rindolf Spread the GREAT HUGE LOVE!
rindolf Share and enjoy the great huge love.
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