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A Natural Stupidity Carbon-based Bot

Altreus I made a new bot running on a carbon-based AI system
apeiron carbon-based? So it's written in C for a Mac?
Altreus no it's me
rindolf Altreus: you're a natural stupidity system - not an artificial intelligence one.
rindolf Altreus: or maybe natural intelligence.
Altreus well you're a poo poo head
Altreus :)
apeiron perlbot, altreus is also six years old
perlbot apeiron: Stored altreus is a small cat (see: http://avatars.plurk.com/3405142-big.jpg) | six years old
Altreus That's generous
rindolf Altreus: calling someone a "poo poo head" proves that this person has natural stupidity.
Altreus rindolf: But the natural stupidity was postulated before the use of the phrase; hence you can't discount the fact that using the phrase was in response to, rather than proof of, the assertion.
rindolf Altreus: yes, but it still proved it after the fact.
rindolf Altreus: Q.E.D.
Altreus rindolf: Except it is possible for an intelligent system to act stupid
Altreus hence it is not, in fact, proof.
rindolf Altreus: that's right - it has the right to in fact.
Altreus Indeed. So given that it has the ability, the right, and the motivation to do so, it is reasonable to assume that in fact that is what happened
rindolf Altreus: OK.
Altreus You would have to gather further data on the system to determine it.
rindolf Altreus: in that case, calling someone a "poo poo head" has the property of having natural stupidity.
rindolf Or acting under the influence of natural stupidity.
rindolf Possibly artificial natural stupidity.
Altreus rindolf: artificial natural stupidity ._.
Altreus I think your sentence is at odds with itself
Altreus Well, your fragment
rindolf Altreus: it's an oxymoron.
Altreus correct
rindolf Oxymorons are indicative of natural stupidity.
Altreus I gave the artificial impression of natural stupidity!
Altreus Stupid phrases are an indication of a) stupidity or b) intelligence
rindolf Hence stupid phrases are not indicative.
Altreus Quite so
rindolf Only intelligent phrases can be indicative of something.
Altreus Stupidity is an absence, and you cannot prove an absence without first proving an exhaustive set.
rindolf Wise men know they are stupid.
Altreus :)
rindolf Whereas foolish people think they are not.
rindolf The earliest Greek philosophers tried to philosophise in verse.
rindolf Which didn't work too well.
Altreus Maybe they should have chosen a different meter
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