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Negative Numbers

tziOm what is the most efficient way to do: floor($foo/600)*600
ChibaPet um
Altreus floor $foo
Altreus :P
DrForr Premature microoptimization detected at line 0.
Altreus I think that /is/ the most efficient way to do it
ChibaPet what about int $foo?
ChibaPet or is floor more efficient?
Altreus I think this is rounding to the nearest 600
Altreus er, the lowest 600
Altreus int truncates towards 0
ChibaPet doesn't floor do that as well?
DrForr You're looking at microoptimization in *math*. Surely there are bigger fish to fry?
Altreus ChibaPet: consider negatives
ChibaPet Oh! Negatives. Slipped right by me. Thanks.
Altreus the difference in most operations is evident in negatives, except the various rounding techniques
fizzie Negative numbers, brr, they're just not natural.
Altreus :)
rindolf fizzie: :-)
rindolf fizzie: but they are real.
rindolf fizzie: and they aren't imaginary or complex.
Altreus they're not /that/ real
rindolf fizzie: though they can be irrational.
rindolf Heh.
DrForr -5 ∈ ℝ
antox I think tziOm wanted to round down to 10 minutes. Maybe s/.:..$/0:00/ is an option? :D
* Altreus smacks antox with a bin
* rindolf smacks antox with a larger bin.
Altreus this one
* ChibaPet hands antox a fish.
shorten Altreus's url is at
rindolf My bin is bigger than Altreus'.
DrForr Rainbow trout all 'round!
Altreus was that a pun
antox Anyway guys, I haven't got if I should be proud of getting smacked by a bin.
Altreus no
Altreus it's pain-based learning
rindolf antox: you were smacked by two bins - one smaller, one larger.
Cipher-0 You made a mistake???!one!!! Clean out your desk at once!!!!!!eleven!!!!!
antox And no supper today!
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