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Perl Ninjas, Pirates and Zombies

alyx /w/w 55
* apeiron gives alyx an award for failing that so much
alyx \o/
* alyx hangs it up in the almighty fail closet
rindolf alyx: :-)
alyx rindolf: :D
Su-Shee 55 chat windows are too much. ;)
Botje amen!
Botje I keep my irssi trimmed to < 30
Su-Shee I have 3. ;)
alyx Botje: o_o
alyx I have 56 windows atm, before I cleaned up a bit, I was at ~150. ._.
woldrich One friend in each window, and you have 56 times more friends than me.
Su-Shee bah. I like to have real conversations and to really follow a handful of channels and that's it..
rindolf alyx: wow.
perlsyntax Is there away i can look up my modules with cpan that i have installed?
perlsyntax if i am right.
Su-Shee wow. facebook has a chat too.
DrForr perldoc -q installed
rindolf Su-Shee: you can use a Jabber client for that.
rindolf DrForr++
* pragma_ gets annoyed when he exceeds 19 windows.
rindolf We should create a #perl <-> StackOverflowish interface.
Su-Shee after gotten angry, I don't use my jabber stuff anymore as well ;)
apeiron rindolf, Feel free to make a shitoverflow interface. Just don't put it here.
rindolf apeiron: :-)
apeiron no, not :-)
apeiron more like /ban *!*@*
Su-Shee who needs all those chats...
apeiron People with very empty lives.
Su-Shee well it fills empty windows.. ;)
Su-Shee or, there's recently chat rockstars and chat ninjas.. ;)
Botje but you don't /see/ chat ninjas!
Su-Shee that's why I have so few channels.. no ninja chatting with me..
DrForr Not that you *know* of.
Botje # relevant
candide Title of Botje's link: NICHTLUSTIG
Su-Shee damn. what if a ninja is asking me out and I don't get it because it's an invisible conversation?
Su-Shee Botje: harhar ;)
Botje Su-Shee: if dinner suddenly appears you just married a ninja
Su-Shee in a secret, hidden ceremony?
Su-Shee Botje: was I there? how was I? ;)
pragma_ Su-Shee: your inner ninja will detect it and go on the date, if you have one.
Su-Shee pragma_: ah. interesting. so I'll find myself suddenly in some ninja-restaurant and don't remember how I got there?
Caelum DrForr: mintty seems nice
Caelum DrForr: there's also puttycyg
DrForr It is, but 3 days ina row I've hit that same key combo, and I can't reset it in the dialog box.
pragma_ Su-Shee: no, your ninja will be there while your you remains oblivious
rindolf Ninjas. :-)
pragma_ This is why ninjas engage in rigorous 24/7 training of their ninjistu; so that they may be more in touch with their inner ninjas and be more aware of what it is doing.
Su-Shee pragma_: so I stay an idiot no matter what. ;)
pragma_ your idiot remains an idiot forever, but you can train your non-idiot to overpower your idiot.
DrForr But... shouldn't your inner ninja be hidden?
Caelum DrForr: KiTTy also has the PuttyCyg patch, and only needs the cthelper.exe from PuttyCyg
pragma_ When you have attained true enlightenment of the ninja, then you too will become like the hidden tiger and will enjoy the pleasures of the crouching dragon.
Su-Shee I better not google pleasures of the crouching dragon..
Su-Shee DrForr: No match for "ASKAINNERNINJA.COM".
Su-Shee DrForr: go ahead ;)
mst whould be ask -an- inner ninja.
Su-Shee also no match ;)
Su-Shee *lol* is taken ;)
Botje there's also drmcninja
Su-Shee well we could always chose to go down the rockstar path...
Su-Shee choose.
rindolf We should become Perl pirates. Arrrrrrrrrr!
* alyx hands rindolf an eyepatch
rindolf Unleash your inner bucaneer.
rindolf "I'm Guybrush Threepwood. Mighty Pirate."
apeiron Yeah, I've been doing that for ages.
Su-Shee .oO(johnny depp.. hm.. ;)
rindolf And Keira Knightly.
woldrich What does '.oO' mean?
rindolf woldrich: saying something.
rindolf Like a talk balloon.
rindolf Maybe a thought balloon?
pragma_ . o ( This is a thought balloon. )
woldrich oh. I'm too old for this shit
rindolf woldrich: it doesn't matter as long as you're young at heart.
rindolf And there are no young Perl programmers. ;-)
* pragma_ prefers his heart matured and fortified.
rindolf As "Perl is dead."
* Caelum prefers his hearts barbecued
rindolf Well, that wasn't very funny.
Su-Shee I wouldn't really call mst "old" ;)
BinGOs zombie perl
rindolf Su-Shee: I know a Perl programmer who's now a university freshman.
* apeiron sends zombie kindergarteners after rindolf
Su-Shee well dr dobbs agrees.
rindolf Knew him since he was in Junior high.
rindolf apeiron: :-)
BinGOs perl eats your brains.
* rindolf trains the zombie kindergarteners to be mighty Perl zombie pirates!
pragma_ I've always been annoyed by the lack of zombie children running around in Left4Dead, et al.
rindolf mighty*
Botje pragma_: shooting kids is bad mmkay
pragma_ At least Dead Space 2 has mutant baby toddlers you can stomp like fattened mosquitos.
Khisanth but these would be dead kids
apeiron undead
apeiron very important distinction!
Khisanth hmm well really neither, just bags of disease
rindolf Perl vampires!
* pragma_ would rather be a werewolf.
apeiron Khisanth, every source I've read says zombies are undead. so there.
* rindolf shoots pragma_ with the silver bullet.
Khisanth the l4d ones aren't really zombies :)
Botje they're more like 28 days later-style zombies
apeiron eh, modern games get everything wrong.
woldrich That girl in Resident Evil is cute.
* Su-Shee recommends "the walking dead"
pragma_ L4D, Resident Evil, Dead Space -- these are all "zombies" despite however they came to be such!
Botje yes, walking dead is <3
Caelum I haven't seen the new resident evil movie yet, was it good?
woldrich oh yes
Botje it had milla shooting stuff
Botje what more do you want?
pragma_ I was thinking of the Resident Evil 5 video game actually
Khisanth Botje: multiple millas shooting stuff?
pragma_ System Shock
apeiron plot. thought-provoking themes.
woldrich khisanth++
Botje pragma_++ # yes!
pragma_ System Shock 2
Botje my first-born for a system shock movie
Botje (done decently, that is)
* f00li5h nuzzles Botje
Su-Shee Botje: since when do you have a firstborn?
Botje aagh! zomb.. oh. hi kit!
Botje Su-Shee: i will have!
Khisanth Botje: probably won't be done nicely :P
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