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"Not comparable" on Freenode's #perl

castoff merlyn: is it true that array itteration is better performance wise than hash itteration?
* avar would guess that array iter is faster than hash iter
merlyn what is "hash iter"?
merlyn with "each()"?
castoff foreach key…
avar yeah, or keys
merlyn I don't see those as comparable
merlyn when you have a hash, and you need to iterate, you do.
merlyn when you have an array, and you need to iterate, you do
merlyn what is there to choose between?
castoff the hash has no real value stored other than the key so i converted to arrays
avar merlyn: you can compare the speed of the two operations
avar well duh
merlyn Why would you compare the speed of unrelated events?
merlyn "let's time baking this bread compared to driving to seattle"
merlyn it's pointless
ides merlyn: heh, yes, but I think it would make a funny performance comparison article! :)
merlyn "always optimize for baking bread!"
* avar eats merlyn
ides merlyn: I was thinking more along the lines of "Performance comparison on Perl vs RoR vs Ice Fishing"
merlyn "I repeated baking bread 5000 times to get the average"
merlyn "It took me six years"
ides merlyn: too bad there isn't a Benchmark module for my oven…
merlyn Ovenmark
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