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One rindolf Each on Freenode's #perl

milardovich with strict it say me this:
milardovich Global symbol "$lorem" requires explicit package name at line 3.
rindolf milardovich: use "my $lorem = "
rindolf milardovich: my is your friend.
rindolf pun not intended.
rindolf my is my friend.
dwu Preferably with a real value after "= " ^.^
rindolf dwu: he already has that.
milardovich that works with my rindolf
milardovich thaks you!!!
rindolf milardovich: you're welcome.
milardovich :)
ubajas I wish I had a rindolf too. :-\
milardovich people here are "nicer" than on #php :P
rindolf ubajas: I'm mass-produced at Chines sweat-shops.
ubajas hehe
rindolf ubajas: they sell me for 30 bucks a piece.
rindolf milardovich: I've heard some horrible stories about ##php.
milardovich perl rulz x)
rindolf milardovich: what brings you to Perl?
simcop2387 rindolf: #php apparantly
rindolf simcop2387: heh.
rindolf simcop2387++
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