Paid version of CPAN - Fortune

Paid version of CPAN

elb0w` Let’s start a paid version of cpan
elb0w` same exact modules
elb0w` but charge for them
elb0w` add Pro:: namespace
apeiron no, Enterprise::
elb0w` haha yes
jdv79 the longer the better
mauke 402 Payment required
elb0w` more offical
winmutt Drmauke
DrForr That site just sets off alarm bells here.
rindolf CPAY
winmutt the fact that any code is obfuscated greately bring into question the quality of it
winmutt base64 or otherwise
elb0w` the funny thing is that if this was real I bet some firms would use it
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline There's no such thing as a free download.