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Perl’s Enterprise Release

federated_life once you get into poe and moose heavily…why stay with perl instead of going to java ?
LeoNerd I've spent much of this last month writing Perl at home and Java at work.. I really really dislike Java
Su-Shee federated_life: what for?
federated_life since being a real programmer is editing the binary files directly instead of recompiling…but java has a lot of nice stuff
LeoNerd It is far too new FutureFunction<Param,Result>() { public Future<Result> apply(Param p) { noisy } } for my liking
Su-Shee federated_life: WTF?
LeoNerd I always get annoyed that the smallest of things takes just far too much code in Java, to the point that after a glance, I can't see where the real detail is
Su-Shee federated_life: and what nice stuff does Java has?
apeiron federated_life, you know where Java is if you want it. we're not stopping you.
federated_life Im no java expert, nor a perl expert …. but I don't have to load half of cpan to get moose equivalent in java
apeiron it's hardly half of CPAN
apeiron it's not even a third or a quarter
federated_life :)
apeiron no, not :)
apeiron more like "stfu and stop spreading ignorance-based FUD"
federated_life perl is awesome, no doubts about it, but Im curious what other languages you guys hack stuff up in
Su-Shee federated_life: then just use Java and leave us using something else if you like it better.. also: plenty of perl code doesn't even need Moose or POE
apeiron C
rindolf federated_life: I also use C, Ruby and Python.
LeoNerd Perl, Scheme, C, Java,...
rindolf federated_life: and I play with other languages too.
rindolf federated_life: and C++.
tybalt89 federated_life: surveys are one channel over
Su-Shee federated_life: C, Ruby, JavaScript, Shell, R and sadly Java for Android stuff
lroe tybalt89, #perl++?
LeoNerd Objective Perl++.NET
rindolf LeoNerd: heh.
rindolf LeoNerd: Enterprise Edition.
LeoNerd Wait, Objective jPerl++.NET surely..
Su-Shee Objective jPerl.NET++ Enterprise Beans
rindolf Objective jIronPerl++.NET Enterprise Edition.
federated_life jperl !! awesome, now something to make java devs lose their minds
LeoNerd I wonder if anyone has a web framework called Toast
LeoNerd Could make Beans on Toast
rindolf federated_life: there's Inline::Java, BTW.
lroe Objective jIronPerl++.NET Enterprise Edition♭
LeoNerd lroe: Isn't the "Iron" something about .NET anyway though?
lroe I added the ♭
lroe not the iron
Su-Shee LeoNerd: you hid your python.
LeoNerd *ahem*
rindolf federated_life: - Larry Wall about Java.
rindolf lroe: isn't the ♭ "flat"?
rindolf perlbot: utf8 ♭
perlbot rindolf: U+266D (e2 99 ad): MUSIC FLAT SIGN [♭]
rindolf :-)
federated_life rindolf: circa 1997
lroe yes it is the flat sign
lroe as opposed to the sharp sign
rindolf So now we have:
rindolf Objective jIronPerl++.NET Enterprise Edition♭ Professional Home Premium™.
rindolf LOL.
icebattle Objective jIronPerl++.NET Enterprise Edition♭ Professional Home Premium 64-bit Single-user
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Enterprise Perl for the Enterprise Win