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Production WTF Code on #perl

dwave anyone envy me? i'm refactoring production code that uses the fact that "" is defined, as a hash key.
dwave if (ref $ref->{""} ne "ARRAY") {
dwave $ref->{""} = [$ref->{""},$_];
dwave } else {
dwave $ref->{""} = [@{$ref->{""}},$_];
dwave }
dwave :(
iank hey, that looks like fun.
integral Has the author been lynched yet?
* integral would have used "\0" :-P
dwave the best of it all, is that it's an XML parser
mauke $ref->{""} = [ref $ref->{""} eq "ARRAY" ? @{$ref->{""}} : $ref->{""}, $_]; # fixed
rindolf dwave: does this XML parser makes use of an existing XML parser from CPAN?
rindolf dwave: or does it do everything from scratch?
dwave rindolf: everything from scratch :)
rindolf dwave: nice!
dwave i'm trying to get rid of it
rindolf dwave: re-inventing square wheels.
dwave there's a home made unicode lib too
dwave !
rindolf dwave: ouch!
shaldannon nice
iank Brilliant!
shaldannon dwave: I suggest a submission
rindolf dwave: yeah, I second shaldannon
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