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Quantifying Emoticons

rindolf Altreus: it's live now. Thanks! http://is.gd/HdVT69
Altreus :)!
rindolf Altreus: heh.
rindolf Altreus: is the "!" a kind of beard?
Altreus Well no but it could be
Altreus It just means "very"
Altreus as with all exclamations
rindolf ¡!
rindolf ¿?
JarJarBinks that's a handlebar moustace
JarJarBinks ¡!
Altreus that is just "very ¡"
pink_mist Altreus: I thought that was what :D was for =)
Altreus Naw
Altreus That's a different expression, not just more of the same
Altreus :)! is :) but more so
pink_mist ah I see
Altreus Also allows for :D!
jkg is ":) :)" more or less than a :)! ?
Altreus ¯\(._.)/¯
Altreus I don't have that in my repertoire
Altreus :)! is :) * :) - 1 * :) - 2 ... 1
Altreus but :) :) is 2:)
Altreus so... more FSVO :)
Altreus less for the others
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