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“Required Joke about Emacs”

qizwiz so I can't do a recursive include with PERL5LIB?
qizwiz I have to defend every code change and this is really for my own use (emacs)
rindolf qizwiz: you can try using File::Find or whatever.
huf qizwiz: depends on how you set it
huf shell has glob too :)
huf or you can write a script and symlink everything together and include a single dir
anno recursive?
mauke use an overlay mount!
huf fish bananas old pajamas butter'd scones for lunch?
Grinnz_ qizwiz: theres no such thing as a recursive lib dir; you need a base lib dir, so that things like Some::Deep::Namespace::Module can be found at Some/Deep/Namespace/Module.pm
Grinnz_ it doesn't search very hard for these things, it just goes by @INC
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qizwiz or I could just use emacs itself to build the env variable. That's probably easiest.
Alchemy qizwiz, http://perldoc.perl.org/lib.html
Grinnz_ well, "easiest" would be to remake the "cpan modules" dir by using cpanm or something to download whatever specific versions you need ;)
kaitlyn <required joke about emacs here>
Alchemy <required joke about plumbers fixing emacs problem>
qizwiz Grinnz: that's not an obvious solution to me. What do you mean exactly?
Grinnz_ qizwiz: instead of having cpan modules installed in different lib dirs, install them all to the same lib dir
sproingie @INC can contain functions, but that's getting even more insane
Grinnz_ they are designed to coincide
rindolf kaitlyn: http://www.shlomifish.org/humour/fortunes/show.cgi?id=sharp-sharp-programming-your-emacs-so-fat
sproingie debugging a dynamic @INC will be hell on wheels
Grinnz_ qizwiz: and cpanm can be directed to install a specific version of a module with "cpanm Module::Name@1.2345"
Grinnz_ but you'd have to set it up so it's installing to the right dir first
sproingie carton is perfect for that
Grinnz_ right, or that
kaitlyn rindolf: All joking aside, emacs is a great editor. I just don't know enough LISP to properly start it.
sproingie wait, emacs is also an editor?
kaitlyn sproingie: I'm pretty sure it's an IRC client.
Grinnz_ i thought it was another improved replacement for sysvinit
qizwiz sproingie: Actually, not really. I can take whatever function I'm runing on emacs that's going to hit @INC in some way and 'advise' it to set the PERL5LIB variable before it's run. I can even cache it to make it more performant
sproingie i'm sure the next systemd will have emacs built in
rindolf Grinnz_: heh.
Grinnz_ sproingie: not sure, i think it will be the other way around
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