sawyer_ LeoNerd, i've decided to send the module author a request for comment on this, saying i cannot write my tests because i cannot override the port his client software uses
sawyer_ perhaps he'll allow the user to override the port used
* LeoNerd nod
LeoNerd Sounds good
sawyer_ considering the author though... i'm wary of the reply :P
* sawyer_ mutters ifyouknowwhatimean
rindolf sawyer_: RESOLVED / WONT_FIX / FUCK_YOU ... story of my life.
sawyer_ hahahahaha
sawyer_ i once closed a ticket at $work accompanied with a yell over my office that said "and if you open that fucker again, i'm breaking a chair over your fucking face"
sawyer_ but... that's just me :)
rindolf sawyer_: well, I once declined a patch on for HTML-Widgets-NavMenu, because it: 1. Broke some existing tests. 2. Was doable with some extra work.
rindolf sawyer_: hah.
sawyer_ rindolf, what pissed me off was that he kept reopening a ticket for something that wasn't configured correctly. the problem was, i still haven't received the request to configure it in the first place.
rindolf I hate those tickets that get closed before it was released as a stable release.
sawyer_ it's taking TDD way too far :)
rindolf sawyer_: ah.
sawyer_ it was like "there's a bug." - "what's the bug?" - "that site is not up" - "it's not supposed to be up" - "yes, it is" - "no, it isn't. when they ask to bring it up, i'll bring it up" - "but it's not up" - "IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCKING BE UP SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY"
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