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Rules of the #perl Channels

rindolf «The first rule of the #perl channels: you don't talk about non-Freenode #perl channels. The second rule of the #perl channels: "#perl" always refers to Freenode's #perl.»
Nei ??
rindolf Nei: - see this . I haven't watched the film , just read that quote.
DrForr You haven't watched /Fight Club/?...
rindolf DrForr: the first rule of watching /Fight Club/ is you never say that you watched /Fight Club/ . ;-)
breadwarden well, what else would you use a club for?
* rindolf uses the club to club breadwarden .
rindolf /Club Fight Club/
vague Is that a club for club fight or a club to club a fight club?
bhuddah a club where the clubbers club fight clubs
rindolf DrForr: I recently finished watching the first /Matrix/ film, and not sure I really liked it, but was glad I did because it's a film that everyone expects you to have watched.
rindolf Haifa Linux Clubbing.
DrForr It hasn't aged well in these days of CGI and Avatar, I'm afraid.
rindolf DrForr: /The Matrix/ ?
DrForr Yeah.
rindolf DrForr: hmm... well, I found the quality of the effects there pretty good, but didn't like the movie in general.
rindolf DrForr: at least I didn't feel 100% unable to continue watching it.
rindolf Like has happened with some other books or films.
DrForr Well, if the books have Stephenie Meyer's name anyhwere on them that's a natural reaction.
rindolf DrForr: I haven't read Stephenie Meyer.
DrForr (as is storming out of the theater and vociferously demanding your money back, *along* with the wasted portion of your life, *along* with the bits of your soul that got left behind.)
rindolf DrForr: - this is a book I gave up on twice, and think is redundant.
rindolf DrForr: heh.
rindolf DrForr++
DrForr I couldn't even make it through 20 minutes of Twilight with Rifftrax' help.
rindolf DrForr: and I recall forcing myself to finish The Lord of The Rings (the book) and not remembering anything about it.
DrForr It was like watching The X Files, with even *less* chemistry between the leads.
rindolf DrForr: hmm.. haven't watched The X Files
anno put down a 1000-pager on page 950 to make a point
DrForr See, that implies that someone outside the age of 15-17 actually *watched* the movie. Which is scary enough as it is. I *saw* the crowd at the last Twilight premiere.
rindolf I haven't watched Twilight, but I saw a crossover parody of it, Buffy, Karate Kid and Harry Potter on YouTube that I found hilarious.
DrForr # All you need to see.
rindolf DrForr: quite aweful indeed.
rindolf DrForr: /A Suitable Boy/ was a very long book, but it wasn't boring it all. I enjoyed almost all of it.
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