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Scaring Users Off

Su-Shee I hate this "oh shit this isn't really properly normalized" - more and more tables - "what am I doing here?" - bounce back, reduce number of tables to something sensible - is there a shortcut? ;)
Altreus MONGO
* Altreus hides
Su-Shee Altreus: you know if you don't play nice we make you stay in #php and never allow you to do any perl anymore ;)
Altreus I don't think I'm allowed in there
Su-Shee #php, ##php..
Su-Shee ###php
Altreus php isn't allowed an official channel
jkg ###webscale
Altreus My new phone is so responsive I hate using my laptop now :(
DrForr #php_into_the_ground
Su-Shee Altreus: because.. the laptop is... ?
siamsara table based
user_1879 hello
* siamsara laughs out loud at his own jokes
rindolf user_1879: hi.
DrForr Afternoon.
user_1879 exit
pink_mist rindolf: you scared him away!
siamsara rindolf++ # scaring users off
rindolf siamsara: :-)
rindolf siamsara++ # Good joke.
rindolf siamsara: no users are good users.
rindolf Well, I mean «no users» -> «good users» not For each user -> user is not good.
pink_mist yes, the norwegian users are all good users :P
siamsara not like us users
pink_mist or even my users
rindolf Heh.
rindolf What shall be users be?
rindolf Will there be users?
DrForr users, good god, what are they good for.
Botje absolutely nothing!
Altreus bug testing
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Users? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Users.