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Short is Beautiful

laouji what's a good smtp/mime mail module with few dependencies?
laouji Email::Sender seems to have Moo in it and all kinds of stuff I don't really need
rindolf laouji: why do you worry about dependencies?
laouji I guess I don't have to worry about them. I was just wondering if there was something lighter.
huf Moo is already light as hell
laouji ok lol
huf if you want something even lighter, see M :)
laouji beautiful
huf or Mo
laouji ok I will just use Email::Sender
huf although Mo is quite fat compared to M :)
DrForr There's now just 'M'... *that*'s gonna be simple to search for.
huf DrForr: there's still no .pm
huf use ;
rindolf huf: what's the "use;"?
huf rindolf: fewer deps! more lightweight!
rindolf Maybe require ''; will work.
rindolf huf: heh.
huf this one doesnt even need perl!
huf it "works" equally well with a tea towel
* rindolf writes a /bin/cat script.
huf sed 1d is better
DrForr Didn't we already do that for PPT?
DrForr Or is that just me showing my cynicism...
DrForr You could f*ck with people's heads and require a non-breaking space before the semicolon to make '.pm' work :)
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