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The Shouting Su-Shee

rindolf pkrumins: have you seen ?
pkrumins i haven't
pkrumins looking at it now
pkrumins haha
pkrumins hipster wannabe-programmer nonsense
rindolf pkrumins: yes.
rindolf pkrumins: Su-Shee had told us about it.
rindolf pkrumins: a while ago.
pkrumins where did she disappear btw
pkrumins oh there she is!
pkrumins i thought she left
mst nah, she's just been quiet recently
pkrumins right.
Su-Shee NO IM NOT. ;)
* mst confiscates Su-Shee's megaphone and hugs her
Su-Shee I can yell naturally!
mst then you won't need this megaphone back, will you? :D
anno .oO(1000000 phones)
Su-Shee *haha* :)
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