An SMS about the fax… - Fortune

An SMS about the fax…

LeoNerd rindolf: Can you send me an RT bug on that? NaFTP, requesting the REST command and IPv6 support
rindolf LeoNerd: OK.
rindolf LeoNerd:
LeoNerd You do know these things are emailed to me, and so you don't need to highlight my attention on IRC right? :)
Botje hey LeoNerd, you should've received a mail about that ticket you wanted!
* LeoNerd ends Botje an SMS to remind him about the fax containing my reply to his telex
Botje please don't end me, it was just a joke
corgifex tweet him a link to your facebook post containing a screenshot of your tumblr
jkg you _could_ mention it on G+, but only google employees would see it
corgifex inb4 vine
pink_mist make a youtube video of you sending the tweet
corgifex selfie instagram
huf whisper it into a beer and then pop round to leonerd's and give it to him personally
LeoNerd Oooh that would work :)
huf ha!
huf at least one could "pop 'round"
huf i dont think that's legal outside britain
huf perhaps in the more colonier former colonies.
corgifex post it on stackoverflow, link it on /r/LeoNerd
huf why is there no /r/leonerd?
corgifex dunno, report a bug
Botje you should wait for the future to resolve.
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