Sweet Water - Fortune

Sweet Water

rindolf Sound: where did you swim?
rindolf Sound: in the swimming pool?
popl wat
popl in the lake
popl with a shark
popl a lake shark
Sound rindolf: yeah, at my gym. underground swimming pool
rindolf Sound: ah.
popl don't make me stop logging #perl :P
rindolf popl: heh, lake shark.
popl then I won't remember things.
rindolf popl++
rindolf Sweet water sharks.
rindolf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresh_water - sorry I meant Fresh water sharks.
rindolf Sweet water is a Hebraism.
Sound rindolf: we say that in Italian too
rindolf Sound: ah, OK.
rindolf Sound: maybe it comes from Latin and/or Greek.
rindolf Or Aramaic or Hebrew.
rindolf Or Sumerian.
popl Or Bolivian.
Su-Shee there's about 6000 other languages..
DrForr Don't get that crowd started.
popl Su-Shee: prove it
Su-Shee popl: I don't have to.
popl Su-Shee: then you're not going to get any ice cream
Su-Shee DrForr: that would require any one of them actually speaking some more languages than one or two. ;)
Su-Shee popl: I already had french chocolate and spanish red wine, so.. ;)
huf it's a relatively new expression, before 1909, nobody knew what water was.
Su-Shee huf: *hihi*
rindolf huf: heh.
rindolf huf++
rindolf I am so making a fortune out of it.
popl And yet you will not make a fortune out of it.
Su-Shee if I remember correctly, they fascinatingly still don't _really_ know what water is (chemically/physically speaking) due to its weird properties.
rindolf People only drank rum and beer before 1909.
* DrForr is enjoying a bottle of kriek while deciding what to do about supper.
Su-Shee DrForr: I earned more wine after not just having added a keyboard shortcut no but also a window raise to sawfish! (horrible. hor-ri-ble.)
popl earned wine?
popl that sounds like rationalization
* popl puts Su-Shee in rehab
Su-Shee popl: wth.. it's called CULTURE here and requires a good climate in your cellar and not a stupid rehab ;)
popl more rationalization
popl the first step is admitting you have a problem
Altreus popl: I admit it. You have a problem
huf i think popl's compulsive rehabilitating behavior is worrying
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