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The God Object

mst the problem is Ovid tends to compose dozens of roles into classes for no reason I've ever been able to work out
popl maybe he's just being complete?
mst no
mst otherwise I wouldn't be criticising it
popl ok
mst he's fallen into what I refer to as the PantheonObject anti-pattern
mst i.e. breaking a GodObject up into a dozen roles
popl haha
popl mst: when are you writing your book? :P
Su-Shee if a god object is broken into a dozen roles, surely they're disciple roles...
popl Su-Shee++
popl Su-Shee: I think you just caused a rift in the Church.
Altreus if you instantiate a God object what happens to the rest of society
Su-Shee Altreus: well Luther and Calvin start refactoring...
anno Luther and Hobbes
popl hurr
popl sometimes we are so esoteric it is actually painful :P
Su-Shee well ok, first Henry VIII publishes a mean spirited book about design pattern and splits from the one true Object.
Su-Shee then Calvin and Luther start refactoring.
thrig popl: it's no Voynich manuscript
LWA well, then the refactoring was done by wycliff, luther, calvin, zwingli?
Su-Shee LWA: damn, forgot zwingli.
mauke sounds chinese
uri_ mst: i will leave the bloviating to you! :)
popl Henry VIII's patterns all involved removing encapsulation
anno and hus. you need hus
popl thrig: nothing ever is
Su-Shee popl: mostly, he removed wives ;)
huf unless you're vegetarian, in which case you dont have much use for hus
Su-Shee you're confusing it with jus. ;)
popl LWA: wyclef?
mst zwingli sounds like it should be what the third non-alpha character on a variable should be
mst $ # sigil
mst $^ # twigil
mst $^? # zwingli
Su-Shee mst: sigil, twigil, zwingil.
LWA popl:
huf no not -il
huf -li
popl LWA: yeah I know :)
huf too few words end in -li :)
popl LWA: Bad joke. :(
popl LWA:
mauke chili
huf Su-Shee: i meant in english
Su-Shee huf: what the dutch have with their -je, the swiss have with -li
huf Su-Shee: _i_ say google as gugli :)
Su-Shee huf: english schmenglish(li)
popl huf: weirdo
mauke huf: that's adorabli
popl mauke++
huf maukele :)
popl maukelele?
LWA mauke: this is silli
huf everyone gets mangled.
dispersed silli is a fish
Su-Shee huf: we've decided last year in the office to pronounce "Kindle" swabian-german. it sounds so much better.
huf oh yeah, kindle is definitely kindli
Su-Shee hufli, maukli, popli.
popl \o/
huf huffancs is more common
dispersed peril!
dispersed ... oops
dispersed perli i meant
mauke perl -li
anno 230 matches for /li$/
dispersed i have noticed that saying a piece of software is a "4000 line perl script" with the perl sounding like 'peril' is a really convincing argument
Su-Shee send a pingli, vasily!
Su-Shee gentli.
popl gentlefolk, surely
dispersed sureli
Su-Shee popl: gentlifolk.
popl dispersed: Don't call me Shirley
Su-Shee great now I have swiss german in my head.
popl Su-Shee: is that a cheese?
Su-Shee and god do I wish anybody would understand Asterix puns because.. man Asterix in Switzerland is just amazing.
dispersed u_n o_o ... smili
popl I heard in Switzerland that all the clocks are made from chocolate.
popl *heard that
hoverboard wut
Altreus clockolate
popl and the streets are made of cheese
hoverboard lol @ grossly misinformed
anno from cuckoos
Su-Shee popl: common misunderstanding. because all swiss cheese are round, they made all clocks round too. the chocolate is actually a rebellious reaction to that because it's rectangular.
popl and there are no cats in Switzerland
hoverboard they just don't survive there?
Su-Shee also, the swiss get very cranky when they don't get chocolate on time. that's why the swiss metro/trains etc are so famously punctual.
popl cats don't eat cheese
Su-Shee of course they do.
anno they bait their breath with cheese
Su-Shee I should get a job teaching foreign cultures.
popl well, maybe you're right
anno to catch mice
popl by transitivity
popl mice eat cheese, cats eat mice, ergo cats eat cheese
Su-Shee my cat ate cheese.
popl Su-Shee: your cat likes to cut out the middle-mouse
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