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Ampersand’s Many Friends

el_seano is there ever a good reason to omit ampersands from subroutine invocations?
* el_seano <- noob
mauke wrong question
archon- always
mauke is there ever a good reason to add ampersands to subroutine calls?
archon- almost never
el_seano it seems like a nice touch to include the sigil so there's no ambiguity
rindolf el_seano:
Yaakov Ampersands are among the coolest punctuation marks & add their coolness to everything they are used for.
mauke el_seano: what ambiguity?
apeiron foo() # pretty umambiguous
archon- &Yaakov&
* rindolf prefers ampersors.
rindolf Or ampernots.
Yaakov AmperSnot
archon- amberbuts
archon- amber?
archon- amperbuts!
el_seano :D
Yaakov ampersif
tybalt89 ampersand followed by amperbuff and amperpolish...
Yaakov amperbeadblast
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