The Voices Tell Me So. - Fortune

The Voices Tell Me So.

integral hi perly!
perlygatekeeper hey Chris, hey integral
perlygatekeeper dabreegster, don't know you do I but HEY anyway
perlygatekeeper what's been up?
dabreegster Ignore me, fine.
* dabreegster goes in a corner
Chris62vw dabreegster is the man, man
dabreegster Ah, that's better.
rindolf perlygatekeeper: yo, yo, yo, dude!
perlygatekeeper rindolf!!
rindolf perlygatekeeper: what's up?
perlygatekeeper hmmm
perlygatekeeper not much
perlygatekeeper you?
rindolf perlygatekeeper: fine. Let me recall what I said to ezra.
rindolf perlygatekeeper: I'm fine. Got into a few flamewars, and escaped alive to tell the tale.
rindolf perlygatekeeper: worked a bit on my story "The Human Hacking Field Guide".
rindolf perlygatekeeper: (which, BTW, you appear there (as your IRC nick at least)
rindolf perlygatekeeper: and now working on the Computer Graphics section of my homepage.
perlygatekeeper rindolf, what the hell?
rindolf perlygatekeeper: excuse me?
perlygatekeeper rindolf was that someone pretending to be me?
perlygatekeeper I never said those things
rindolf perlygatekeeper: it's a fictitious story.
rindolf perlygatekeeper: relax.
dabreegster perlygatekeeper: or you could be the imposter right now... or maybe just schizophrenic.
rindolf dabreegster: MPDed not schizophrenic.
rindolf dabreegster: schizophrenia is not Multi-Persona-Disordered.
b0at perlygatekeeper: It's fan fiction from your fan!
dabreegster rindolf: what's the difference?
rindolf dabreegster: MPD is when there are several personalities living inside your brain.
rindolf dabreegster: in schizophrenia, you have one I-ness, but hear voices, hallucinate and stuff.
dabreegster rindolf: Ah. Why is it considered a disorder? MPD could be quite useful... One would have different perspectives on a subject.
perlygatekeeper where's beth, she'll know it's me
integral But how will we know it's beth?!
dabreegster rindolf: Oh, I have MPD then, not schizophrenia. I don't hallucinate.
dabreegster integral: WE DON'T!
b0at I don't hallucinate, but my other personality does.
dabreegster How do I know all of you exist? Am I just a figment of my own imagination?
dabreegster b0at: Interesting...
rindolf dabreegster: Julian Jaynes describes schizophrenia very well in his "The Origins of Consciousness during the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind book".
integral nono, you're all just figments of _lilo_'s imagination
dabreegster rindolf: I'll check it out
b0at he wishes
dabreegster integral: and you?
perlygatekeeper the voices tell me if it's really beth or not
dabreegster perlygatekeeper: The voices tell me everything.
dabreegster Wait, I do have the Voices. Maybe I have MPD _and_ schizophrenia.
b0at Ah, but the question is: do the Voices have voices?
rindolf dabreegster:
b0at And if so, is it your own voice?
dabreegster b0at: And do the voices of the voices have voices?
b0at That's just going too far.
dkr don't worry, those are angels, invest in tarot cards and you will be able to understand them
dabreegster b0at: and if it's not, then could it be the voice of........ integral? rindolf? or.... buu!
b0at buu has other plans for our empty skulls
dabreegster b0at: and if they do, then what do the voices of the voices of the voices of the Voices sound like?
integral *sob* it's the cabbages. The cabbages keep telling me to do things
Botje really? most of the time it's the socks that tell me stuff
dabreegster integral: The lawn gnomes tell me. They're........everywhere...*sniffle*
integral *blubber* the socks are worse, there's moths living in them
dabreegster The lawn gnomes tell me to stay away from Life. They force me to write poetry.
dabreegster integral: *whispering* are the _moths_ the Voices? or the voices of the Voices? or the voices of the voices of the Voices?
* dabreegster goes back to reading
integral *looks furtively around for moths*
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