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(Human) Language Fun on Freenode's #perl

rindolf Let me wikipedia it.
f00li5h so now wikipedia is a verb?
rindolf f00li5h: it's gonna enter the OED.
rindolf f00li5h: in English every verb can be nounified and every noun can be verbed.
rindolf f00li5h: google is now a verb too.
f00li5h rindolf: q{ just one second and i'll "computer" it up for you"}
rindolf f00li5h: LOL.
rindolf f00li5h++
* rindolf f00li5hes jql
rindolf I'm rindolfed
* f00li5h finds it odd that irssi hilighted half of that word
rindolf f00li5h: it's much harder to do it in Hebrew.
jql computer is from the verb compute already
rindolf jql: there's computerise though.
f00li5h jql: but to computer something is different than computing it
f00li5h COMPUTIFY!
rindolf jql: I once thought that the study of Objectivity is Objectivism.
f00li5h "configurated"
jql you shouldn't noun up a verb that's been nouned already
rindolf And the study of Objectivism is Objectivistalism.
Caelum heh
rindolf And that study of that is Objectvisitalistalism.
rindolf And to infinity it's Objectivist-elementalism!
f00li5h eval: object .((ism)x100)
buubot f00li5h: objectismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismism ismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismism ismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismismi
rindolf With apologies to the 4 people who ever spoke Latin correctly.
jql I can't help but read that as smi smi smi
Caelum me too
rindolf jql: reminds me of Peter Pan.
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