Too many Freenode #perl cooks. - Fortune

Too many Freenode #perl cooks.

ew73 I have discovered another benefit to the unemployed status!
ew73 I can cook whenever I want.
sili ew73: cooking with… imagination?
ew73 sili: I'm actually quite good at teh cookingz.
ew73 no :(
sili I guess that explains why you're unemployed :p
ew73 That was mean!
sili it's not like I stole your bike
ew73 That also would be mean.
phroggy good cooking impresses the ladies a lot more than good programming.
utopia_ depends on the lady
phroggy (any present female company excepted, of course)
jdv79 phroggy: except when you don't have any money
ew73 phroggy: But imagine, a good cook AND a good programmer.
sili I can cook some stuff.
phroggy jdv79: yeah, that nixes the deal. I have that problem too.
jdv79 its a start
ew73 "Here's my recipie for mushroom stir-fry. And HERE's the source for my nutritional database system."
phroggy haha
jim ew73: so when you load the data model, do you get the recipe free?
ew73 jim: Geek.
* jim looks around…
jim like yer any different :)
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