Tribute to the Prisoner on Freenode's #perl - Fortune

Tribute to the Prisoner on Freenode's #perl

Hazard How do I look up @- in the perldocs?
rindolf Hazard: perldoc perlvar
Hazard rindolf: Thanks.
Daveman perldoc rindolf
Hazard I don't know what I'd do without IRC.
rindolf Daveman: I am not a pragma! I'm a free man!
Hazard I couldn't even google that.
rindolf use Daveman (qw(silliness));
* jetscreamer sends rindolf back to the village
rindolf jetscreamer: is it a Perlisoner village where everyone becomes a pragma?
jetscreamer and lots of perlBalloons
Daveman gumbybrain, how do i make teh web wit shlomi!?
rindolf jetscreamer: Perloons.
rindolf jetscreamer: Perlunatics.
apeiron Perlarks.
Daveman perlaugh
Channel #perl
Network Freenode
Tagline Tribute to the Prisoner