Making use of Encyclopedias at FreeNode's #perl - Fortune

Making use of Encyclopedias at FreeNode's #perl

* shaldannon beats iank over the head with an encyclopedia
rindolf shaldannon: all volumes of an encyclopedia?
dwu rindolf: ha
shaldannon rindolf: every last one of 'em
rindolf shaldannon: or perhaps a printout of the Wikipedia?
iank rindolf: the whole bookcase
rindolf shaldannon: which Encyclopedia?
iank rindolf: naw, just get the DVD :)
shaldannon rindolf: I couldn't lift that
shaldannon rindolf: Britanica
iank You could lift the DVD!
dwu shaldannon: Start. Working. Out.
shaldannon dwu: oh?
dwu shaldannon: Dude, being able to lift the Britannica is hot.
* iank -> the internet
shaldannon :-}
dwu Seriously.
dwu "I can hold the accepted knowledge of a percentage of the human race in my arms!" "Oh, god, that is so sexy."
shaldannon hahahaha
dwu Seriously. Smart is hot. Smart and funny... well.
* shaldannon is hillarious ;)
dwu Uhm. kay.
rindolf If you start reading the wikipedia lexicographically, will you ever finish at the rate articles are added there?
tarrybone rindolf: yes (citation needed)
dwu ha
shaldannon lol @ tarrybone
dwu tarrybone++
rindolf This reminds me of James Bond 1, where the girl there read an encyclopedia, instead of going to school.
yrlnry Does anyone near Philadelphia want to come to my house and take away my 1920 Britannica?
shaldannon rindolf: hey...when I was in elementary school, I used to read the World Book encyclopedia instead of doing my homework
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