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Using your Experience Points

federated_life holy fucking shnikes mst was right
mst federated_life: you'll find that happens a lot.
mst federated_life: every time I level, I put all my XP (= experience points) into "being right" rather than boring things like "tact" ;)
LeoNerd mst: Not ranged weapons?
komodo haha
LeoNerd Gain enough XP and you actually -can- stab people over the Internet
komodo sweet
komodo I wouldn't recommend stabbing PHP people though, I hear they bleed acid
anno bring a blotter
komodo gotta take 'em out from a distance
komodo ah
Khisanth LeoNerd: do nukes count as ranged weapons? :)
LeoNerd I don't see why not
LeoNerd If it's ballistically launched
Khisanth well it's a bit more ... hmm how should I put it
tm604 I'd stand well clear of anyone classing a nuke as a melee weapon.
mst LeoNerd: "no, gunner, your target is <here>" / "oh, of course it is" *BLAM*
mst LeoNerd: aka, being right allows you to -control- ranged weapons :)
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